Why your business needs an easy-to-manage video library

An easy-to-manage video library can make video projects more efficient and effective for businesses of all sizes.

Glenn Oslin
Glenn Oslin
Dec 05, 2019
VidGrid Video Management Library

A centralized, private, and secure location for corporate videos can help support employee training, sales enablement teams, internal communications, information sharing, and so much more.

A lot of work goes into creating video content and, far too often, that content is haphazardly spread throughout an organization—saved on individual computers, servers, file-sharing sites and intranet sites—and not accessible by everyone who might need it. This makes it hard to manage and fully utilize all the video content available to you.

Corporate Video Library

A video library is a place where companies can store and manage all of their video assets. VidGrid offers a video library system in which users can upload, categorize, sort, manage, and share videos. Features of the video management system include:

  • Folders for easy categorization and retrieval—create private, shared, org-wide, and guest folders based on your organization’s individual needs
  • Notifications when users watch or interact with videos
  • Filtering to find relevant content within your video library
  • Search function to find the videos you’re looking for
  • Sorting by time, date, creator, views, or interactions
  • Web uploader to upload content directly to YouTube or other online video sharing services
  • Tutorials to learn best practices for getting started with video
  • Export functionality to easily download statistics and information you need for each video
  • Various permission levels to easily manage access rights
  • Insights to gain visibility into the happenings and statistics of your organization

By using your own video library, you control everything from content to access to analytics. You don’t have to worry about using a public web platform that is filled with advertising or doesn’t provide you with in-depth insight about usage.

Key benefits of creating an easy-to-manage video library on VidGrid:

Protected Content

You control the privacy and permission settings of your videos with password protection, user permissions, domain restrictions, as well as access expiration dates. This allows for one-time settings on each video and eliminates the need to regularly scour your video database to remove dated or irrelevant content.

Insightful Analytics

Track who is making, viewing, and responding to videos within your organization. You’ll have visibility with trackable links, video views, and heatmaps to see where people are dropping off—plus a video play graph. All of this data provides information to help make your videos more successful.

Always Current Content

Have you ever updated something after it’s already been shared it in multiple places? With a video library you can take advantage of Smart Sync, which ensures content stays relevant and up to date. Video edits automatically update in every place the video is located and has been shared, and any re-recordings over original video will update without breaking the original video link.

As corporate video usage continues to increase, the need to organize and manage them will as well.

Talk to VidGrid today about creating an easy-to-manage business video library.