Introducing Calls to Action

Use Calls to Actions within videos to engage your viewer and inspire action.

Lucas Williams
Lucas Williams
Nov 26, 2018
Introducing Calls to Action
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Inspire viewers to take action 🚀

Extend your communication beyond the boundaries of video. The whole web is at your disposal… All it takes is a button-click.

Calls to Action within videos see more than twice as many clicks as the same Calls to Action on the page outside of the video player. You can use a Call to Action to send your viewer wherever you want them to go next, for example:

  • To your website, or anywhere else on the web.
  • To watch another video.
  • To a trial or purchase page.
  • To your calendar to schedule a face-to-face meeting with you.

Use Calls to Action throughout your video

When a Call to Action is set up, the video will pause, and a window with a button will appear on the video player. This is where you can direct viewers to a new page, or just have them skip through to continue. The video continues on as normal once the viewer clicks or skips the Call to Action. You can even set up multiple Calls to Action in one video.

Video Call to Action Example

How to make a Call to Action

Creating a Call to Action in your video is easy. Simply:

  1. Click on Surveys & Quizzes in the top right corner of your video
  2. Click Add a Question and select Call to Action from the dropdown.
  3. Customize the text and URL for your Call to Action.

How to Make Video Call to Action

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