Subscribe to Public Folders

Users can now subscribe to public folders to be alerted whenever a video is added.

Lucas Williams
Lucas Williams
Nov 26, 2018
Subscribe to Public Folders
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Stay on top of videos

Public folders let students, customers, or co-workers stay up to date with new content. Anyone can subscribe to a public video folder to receive notifications when new videos are added to that folder.

Video Folders

When to use public video folders

Public folders are valuable when your followers want to be notified when new videos are added.

  • Education / Training: Learners are notified every time you add a new video to their course folder.
  • Internal Communication: Keep your team aware of your progress but adding videos every time you have something to share.
  • Customer Success: Update customers with helpful videos every time you release a new feature. (Subscribe to our Video Resource Library here!)
  • Marketing: It’s like a video blog. (Subscribe to our vlog here!).

How to subscribe to a public folders

Subscribing to a public folder is as easy as clicking on the folder, and choosing how you want to be notified.

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