Video Calls-to-Action

Engage your audience with interactive video.

Bethany Stachenfeld
Bethany Stachenfeld
Nov 29, 2018
Video Calls-to-Action

Video is generally thought of an outbound medium; you create a video, and send it out to the world. However, at VidGrid, we are firm believers that video should not simply be a one-way flow of information. It should be the start of a two-way conversation where you can engage and interact with your buyers.

This is why we make videos interactive with calls-to-actions.

Call-to-actions open the portal to a conversation. By adding a call-to-action, you are essentially leaving a walkie-talkie where your viewer can press a button to communicate with you. This can be in the form of responses to questions, video responses, meetings scheduled to your calendar, and more.

According to recent KISSmetrics study, adding a CTA within a video generates 380% more clicks than a CTA on the sidebar of the same page.

Video Call to Action GraphWhich call-to-action you use depends on what your goal of the video is. Don’t waste a perfectly good lead by asking them to “visit your website for more information.” Decide on your goal, and guide your viewer to success.

Take An Action

According to Forbes Insight, ~65% of those who view a video click through to visit the vendor website.

For many call-to-actions, you want your viewer to exit the video player and go forth to accomplish something. For example, you may want your customer to…

  1. Sign up for a free trial
  2. Register for a webinar
  3. Try out a new feature

Call-to-Action Buttons

You can link to anywhere on the web with a call-to-action button in your video. Just choose the link and button text, and you’re good to go.
Video Call to Action Example

Start a Conversation

Often, your video is not the full extent of your communication, but rather an opener. This might be the case if you are trying to:

  1. Schedule an introductory sales call
  2. Schedule the next steps after a sales call

Embed Your Calendar

Here, it makes sense to integrate your calendar within the video player, so your buyer can book time with you without any complexity.

Embed Calendar Video Example

Educate Your Viewer

Even if your purpose of your video is just to share information, it is still worth adding a question to ensure that the information was successfully communicated. This is useful in the following situations:

  1. Micro-demo for prospective customer
  2. Customer success video
  3. Employee training video

Multiple Choice Quiz Question

If you want to be stricter, you can make this a quiz question, with correct and incorrect options. If you’re using this for customers, make sure to add some humor so they don’t feel like they are about to get detention.

Multiple Choice Video Question

Record Response

You can also ask your viewer to record a video back to you to ask follow up questions. If this is a training video for employees, you can ask them to paraphrase key concepts to ensure comprehension.

Record Video Response Video Example

Learn from Viewer

Perhaps your goal is not to teach, it is to learn more about your customer. In this case, you can ask your buyer questions to pick up information as they watch the video.

This is a good way to gather

  1. Demographic information
  2. Lead qualification criteria

Gate Content

You can force buyers to answer questions to continue viewer by making an question required. Ask for basic demographic information, (email, phone number, company, etc.) or for buyer intent data (“are you currently evaluating a video platform,” etc.).

Add these at the beginning of the video, or space them throughout at the appropriate times to reduce drop off.

Video Form Example

Engage Viewers

Open Ended Question

Here, you can ask a simple open ended question, such as “What do you think?”

Open Ended Question Video Example

Click Button to Continue

Who says forms can’t be fun? Use questions to keep viewers actively participating in the viewer experience.

Video Button Example

Tips and Takeaways

  • Always have a call-to-action for your videos. Even if you decide against an interactive element, you should know what you would like your viewer to get out of the video.
  • Make CTAs within your video player by clicking the hamburger menu in the upper right. Check out our support article for additional help.
  • Don’t make a CTA required unless at or near the end of a video. You will see the highest rate of video completion if users can skip CTAs.
  • Use emojis 😀! Almost all emojis will work in the player questions. Google emoji codes and you can copy and paste in the question or answer option(s).
  • Save the CTAs you use frequently to your personal CTA library, so you can easily add them to new videos without recreating them.

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