Evaluating Video for Online Courses

VidGrid is helping to get your school up and running with a powerful, easy to use video solution for all faculty and students.

Evaluating Video for Online Courses

Now, more than ever, all schools from community colleges to universities are looking for solutions to future-proof themselves for fully online education. Video has become an integral part in the digital learning environment ecosystem.

Top 5 reasons your school should have a video solution in place:

1. Schools are able to enhance their course offerings by giving learners easy access to pre-recorded videos lessons or supplemental material as a main means of communication through asynchronous course delivery.

2. Students can view lectures if they miss a class, review sections of a lecture if they missed a specific concept, and comment or ask clarifying questions directly from a video.

3. Make lectures accessible to all students. Creating video with captions allows viewers with hearing impairments to watch videos at their own pace and retain information. This also increases engagement of video viewing for viewers through in-video transcription search.

4. Continually evaluate lessons through student engagement and formative assessments. With video, play history can show student engagement and in-video questions can ensure understanding.

5. Crowdsource a repository of on-demand knowledge. Knowledge doesn’t leave with the instructor.

How VidGrid can help in the transition to remote learning

Complimentary VidGrid Access

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, VidGrid is offering complimentary access for any institution (US only) from now until the end of their summer semester.


Am I able to record my computer screen, just webcam, microphone audio, or all of the above?

Any combination of these recordings can be done with the VidGrid recorder. Record Powerpoints, class introductions, podcasts, or full classroom lectures.

Am I able to upload existing videos that I have already made or have access to?

Any video you have can be uploaded to the VidGrid platform. Once uploaded, the new VidGrid video can be edited, captioned, and shared out.

How can I record my online meetings or lectures?

VidGrid’s Zoom integration will automatically record meetings or lectures and the recording can be accessed directly from VidGrid. If another meeting solution is used, the VidGrid recorder can handle recording presentations, webcams, and both mic/desktop audio for any online video conferencing tool.

What devices are supported for playback?

There are no device requirements for playback. VidGrid’s player is HTML5 so playback is seamless across all devices without a download. Watch and interact with videos on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices.

How can I make sure my student watched my videos?

Advanced analytics on all videos gives insight into viewers engagement through play history, % time watched, and total play graph.

Can I insert video in my courses?

All videos can be embedded or video link posted with a course. If an LMS integration is set up, videos can be inserted anywhere in your course.

Can I comment or ask questions in my video?

Instructors can leave comments anywhere in a video. In-video questions can be added at any point - Multiple choice, True/False, Multiple Select, Short Answer, and Call to Action. Download and review answers collected directly from the results tab in the video player.

Can I add an attachment to my video for my viewers to download.

Any file type can be added to a video through the video player. If an attachment has been added, an icon will appear for viewers when the video is played to download the content.

What devices can be used for recording?

The VidGrid recorder is supported on PC, Mac, and Chromebooks. Mobile devices and tablets utilize the native camera and automatically uploaded to VidGrid.

Do I need to download anything to record or view videos?

To record videos on PC/Mac there is a one-time download that does not require admin permissions to install. Viewing videos on VidGrid does not require any download.

Can students record videos?

Students can record in the same way an instructor can record in VidGrid. If schools do not want all students to record with accounts, we have a dedicated student recorder that an instructor can send to students for one-time recordings that are delivered to the instructor.

Complimentary VidGrid Access

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, VidGrid is offering complimentary access for any institution (US only) from now until the end of their summer semester.