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All VidGrid Features

VidGrid goes beyond recording, hosting, and sharing to transform video into a two-way conversation.


Capture voices and video recordings on any device, any browser, any time with the desktop recorder.

Video Capture

Record through your webcam, screen, or custom area to make instant videos.

Presentation Tools

Annotate and capture mouse clicks on the screen as you create the perfect video presentation.

Audio Capture

Capture voice narratives to accompany your videos.

Guest Capture

Send a link to record videos from employees, customers, students, or anyone.

Video Reply

Start a video-to-video conversation, like Snapchat for business.


Construct videos with technology’s finest tools at your fingertips.


Record video clips independently and then combine them into one video.


Clone videos to apply separate edits to each one.


Export your videos into lightweight GIFs to share them easily across email or the web.


Attach PowerPoints or documents to videos to easily convey information.


Segment videos into chapters to seamlessly organize information.

Pro Closed Captioning

Add 99% accurate ADA-complaint closed captioning to videos in 24 hours with a single click.

Machine Captioning

Add automatic closed captioning to videos with an instant turnaround time.


Streamlined web-based video editing empowers you to do more in less time.


Trim out blunders and bloopers from videos.


Blur out sensitive information from videos.


Add music to videos to apply a certain tone or feel.


Don’t like your edits? Revert your video back to the original at any time.


Select a custom video thumbnail to show before the video is played.


Something changed? Re-record to update content without changing the video link.


Share your videos across your organization, with customers, students, or the entire world.

Short Links

Copy and paste the video link to share your video anywhere.


Easily embed your your videos on the web within an iframe.

Send To

Select the name of a member of your organization to send a video directly to him or her.

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