Developer API

End-to-End Video/Screen Recording API

Add video recording/uploading, hosting, and streaming to your SaaS application in minutes with the VidGrid recording API.

End-to-End Video/Screen Recording API
Tyler Tech

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Every device. Every time. Capture or view videos, regardless of browser/OS


Control the whole process to always know who can access the content


Dedicated engineer access for planning, building, deploying, and beyond

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Simple Integration

VidGrid makes it ridiculously simple to truly integrate video into your application. We’ve built a full video platform and now exposed it via API so you don’t have to.

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"It was really easy for us to implement the API. I sent it to the developer of the customer web portal and within an hour he was able to get it embedded, mock it up, and show me the screen the customers would use."

Heather Beck
VP of Global Support


API Features

Webcam, Audio, and Screen

Local recorder is more flexible, secure, reliable, and compatible


Views, folders, duration, users, and much more

Cloud-Based Editing

Trim, blur, add music, and much more all from the cloud


Request & manage closed-captions that are indexed and searchable within the video


Auto-scale from 1 to thousands of videos being captured, uploaded, or streamed

Content Management

Create, retrieve, update & delete videos and folders to keep content in sync


Quizzes, Surveys, Calls-to-Action all within the video player

Crazy Fast

Built for the cloud, not for on-premise like the other legacy video platforms

Personalized Support

Dedicated engineer access for planning, building, deploying, and beyond

Integrate Your Product With Video

Add video recording, playback, analytics, and much more with our robust API