Video for Education

Interactive Video Platform for Education

Promote learning with interactive video lessons and student recording assignments. It has never been easier to use video for education.

Berkeley University of California
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
University of Nebraska
The University of Tampa

Over 98% of schools who use VidGrid choose to stay with VidGrid

Integrate with your LMS

Control content all in one place

Integrate with your LMS

Easily record, edit, manage, and share video content without leaving the comfort of your own learning management system. Integrate with Canvas, Blackboard, D2L Brightspace, Moodle, or your custom LMS.

Quick LTI integration

Smart sync across all platforms

Integrate with your LMS

Video capture for education

Easily Capture Video Lessons

Get up and running with simple recording. Whether you want to record your screen, your webcam, or both simultaneously, we have you covered.

Record your screen, voice, or face

Any browser, any device, any time

Easily Capture Video Lessons
Drive Learning with Interactive Features

Engage students

Drive Learning with Interactive Features

Take your students from passive viewers to active learners with interactive features. Add adaptive quizzing, interactive commenting, feedback, short answer, and more to drive engagement.

Quizzes, polls and surveys

Gradebook integration

Drive Learning with Interactive Features

Let students make videos

Engage Learners with Student Recording

Empower students to record their own videos. Enable them to easily record presentations, collaborate with their peers in secured folders, and integrate video into their courses.

Students learn by presenting

Assign video projects within video

Engage Learners with Student Recording
Add ADA Compliant Closed Captioning

One-Click Captioning

Add ADA Compliant Closed Captioning

No video platform for education is complete until it is accessible. Make your content accessible to your entire audience by adding one click captioning effortlessly to all of your videos.

99% accurate professional captioning

Instant machine captioning

Add ADA Compliant Closed Captioning
"VidGrid is just awesome. We all made a huge decision to switch to VidGrid. UNO gave up Panopto, and both UNL and UNK gave up Echo360. This is huge for the University of Nebraska. We are definitely seeing the benefits of collaborating and working together with this one tool we love."

Jane Petersen
ITS Director, Academic Technology & Client Services, University of Nebraska Kearney

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