Use Video Data and Analytics to Enhance Performance

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Bethany Stachenfeld
Bethany Stachenfeld
Nov 29, 2018
Use Video Data and Analytics to Enhance Performance

If you didn’t track it, did it even happen?

Leveraging data effectively can help you…

  • Track how video is improving your sales process (and where it’s not worth the time)
  • Justify the cost of your video platform
  • Improve future videos

Luckily, you don’t have to be a data wizard to see if video is working for you. The VidGrid platform makes it easy to track important metrics and ensure that you and your team are coming out ahead.

Key Video Metrics to Track

Video Viewer Analytics

When you use the VidGrid Google Chrome Extension, VidGrid automatically captures the emails of everyone who watches videos you send by email, allowing you to gather analytics for specific viewers. You can track their viewing time, their responses to in-video questions, and the call-to-action they engaged with.

Video Viewer Analytics Example

Video Heatmaps

Video heatmaps show where viewers are dropping off. With heatmaps, you can gather…

  • What percentage of viewers are watching the entire video?
  • Is there a certain spike where many viewers are dropping off at once? What can you change about this part of the video to make it stickier?

For example, here we see that the beginning is not very engaging, so we lose nearly half of our viewers within the first 4 seconds.

 Video Heatmap Example

Team Performance

Identify the movie stars on your team. See whose videos are getting the most plays and shares. Look at statistics over all time, and see which videos are “Trending Now.”

![Video Statistics per User]( “Video Statistics per User” =624x417)

Trending Videos

Revenue Impact

AB test variations of cadences with and without video to see the effects on your open rates,  click-through rate, and reply rates. Track this through the funnel to measure the impact video has on your overall revenue.

Tips and Takeaways

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